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Started Feb 6, 2020


Full course description


Welcome to the EMPOWER-ASD website. These webpages offer easy access to the information presented during the sessions you have/will attend as part of the REACH-ASD Trial. You can access the slides and handouts and view the videos from the sessions. There are also lots of suggestions of sources of further information linked to the areas covered by the programme. Furthermore it also provides information that wasn’t covered in depth, but we believe may be helpful to you.

The website is split into 7 sections.

  1. General information about autism
  2. Local information
  3. Introduction to autism (corresponds to session 1)
  4. Thinking styles and education (corresponds to session 2)
  5. Communication and understanding (corresponds to session 3)
  6. Putting on your oxygen mask: Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (corresponds to session 4 and other ACT components)
  7. The internal and external worlds (corresponds to session 5)

It might be good to bookmark this page so that you can access the site whenever you need to.

If you have any issues accessing the website, please contact the Trial Manager, Dr Richard Smallman



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